August 28, 2017

By Bernard Bujold – 
Senator and former journalist Mike Duffy has returned to the battlefield and this time he said that it is to defend the right of Canadians to the recognition of the right to innocence before the law. According to him, and he is right on this point, the federal government and the Senate have in no way respected the concept of innocence by accusing and ejecting him from the Senate. Justice has given him reason since, and he has been entirely found not guilty without any ambiguity. 
Is Mike Duffy right to sue the federal government for $ 8 million, a prosecution that many lawyers say he has an excellent chance of winning? It is a broad question, but one can admit that in our society of law, one must respect the law and this applies in both directions with sometimes rather illogical and unjust but legal results… 
One example is the case of Omar Khadr and his $ 10.5 million in compensation from Ottawa, and Haitian migrants crossing a fence rather than the official border post where they would be turned down. 
Sometimes unjust but legally enforced abuses are illegally carried out by others, as was the case with former Lieutenant Governor Lise Thibault, and the result is prison rather than financial gains. Thibault did not profit more than others from the money of the government but she did it without respecting the law. It is all the difference because: “the law is the law” as a well-known actor would say… 
When I met Mike as a journalist in Ottawa in 1984, he loved running around in a white Roll Royce. If he wins his pursuit, he will perhaps return to his old habit because he will have ample financial means…