June 28, 2019

By Bernard Bujold –
Today is Friday, June 28, 2019, and it is my birthday! 
It is said that age is only a number and that we can interpret our age according to the vision of our inner soul, but the passage of time is unavoidable regardless of our thoughts or our will… Personally, I therefore conclude, with my ageing, that the greatest wealth of human remains its youth, but that the ideal would be to be able to think and understand life from the age of 23, as we can do at the age of 73! At an advanced age, we will no longer jump by reflex in front of red or blue balloons (unless it is Ulysses who offers them to us…) and we will better understand the essentials of life. 
They say that life is a journey and, if you want to see and do everything at first, at the end of the journey you will be happy to have realized one or two holiday projects. As I often say: the great tragedy of life is that 95% of our projects (our adventures) will end in abandonment and failure but to achieve a 5% success rate, we will have to be bold and open to many proposals. 
Obviously, there is always a question of luck and fate that will determine our journey. I like Shakespeare’s quote in the text JULES CÉSAR: “There is a wave on the Ocean of Life, which if taken at the right time to the shore will lead the ship to new lands full of hope and promise; but if it is missed, it will be failure and misery…” 
In other words, our life journey is dependent on our environment. Our origins at birth, our career choice, our country of residence and its economy, our family, our friends, our enemies, our life decisions in love as in business, etc. And a little like the adventures of Lucky Luke, that comic book cowboy, we need to know how to continually assess our environment and discover where our allies and obstacles are. 
Personally, of course, there have been failures but also successes! You have to accept your destiny and only on the occasion of days of depression, dreaming of what could have been…. 
Nor should we overreact or take life too seriously! My personal philosophy is influenced by American theory: “Life is a game with toys! Nothing more, nothing less. Whoever has more toys (pleasure) wins the game (life)…” So I act like Woody, that other cowboy in Toy Story and I try to find my place in this game of life… 
In conclusion, as far as I am concerned, with a friend and “ally” like Ulysses, I can say that I am fulfilled at the level of my life. 
So thank you to dear Ulysses, and, of course, to all of you, for the best wishes regarding my birthday on this June 2019. 
I am also very lucky because this year, a new bridge is inaugurated on my birthday… It is said to last more than 125 years (the bridge…) .
Long live my 2019 birthday, long live the new Champlain Bridge and especially long live the “cowboy boots”…