September 25, 2015

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) – 
If there is a winner in the leaders’ debate( Radio-Canada La Presse /Thursday September 25-2015)) and for who the answers were the most serious and the most feasible is Gilles Duceppe! Unfortunately the problem is that he can not mathematically be elected Prime Minister… 
The second best performance was the one of Stephen Harper who responded to questions giving precise answers without deviating from his campaign program. He was not innovative in his answers, playing defense, but he did not however make any mistakes that would have allowed his opponents to take advantage. 
The two losers will therefore be Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau who have not really answered the questions with a new approach but with words lines prepared in advance. They rather took advantage of the debate only to beg, and repeatedly throughout the debate, voters to vote for their respective parties without any real motive other than to replace the actual prime minister… 
One will to see the next surveys but because there is barely three weeks left of campaigning before October 19, there is every reason to believe that none of the candidates will succeed to win in front of his opponents and, by default, Stephen Harper will maintain its light momentum to be again re-elected Prime Minister of Canada. 
To be continued… 
Photo 1 and 6: The leaders’ debate;
Photo 2: Gilles Duceppe;
Photo 3: Harper; Photo 4:
Thomas Mulcair;
Photo 5: Justin Trudeau;



August 7, 2015

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) –
The first leaders’ debate organized by Maclean’s did not send anyone to the mat for the count. Harper had specific and serious answers; Thomas Mulcair performed well but failed to really score points; and Justin Trudeau had the look of a young star, elegant and energetic, but he had not the serious of the two veterans Mulcair and Harper. As for the other leader, she did not measure up to the other three… 
The question still remains unanswered at the moment for me: 
“I vote for who on next October 19, 2015 ?” 
Picture 1: Stephen Harper;
Picture 2: Thomas Mulcair;
Picture 3: Justin trudeau;
Picture 4: The four leader during the Maclean’s debate;


August 3, 2015

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) – 
The launch of the 2015 election was missed by all counts, except perhaps Justin Trudeau who took advantage of the awkwardness of his opponents… 
The favorite to win, Thomas Mulcair, is reminiscent of Pauline Marois as he launched his campaign very nervously reading a text on screen and then refusing to answer questions from journalists. Although, in theory, he is the one that has the best chance to defeat Stephen Harper, it is also possible that he does what it is called in golf for identifying poor performance by a champion:”choked”! 
As for Stephen Harper, his first rally in Montreal was marked by protests and police arrests. Moreover, the obligation to book in advance for the fans their participation in Conservative rallies will most certainly be much criticized by the voters… 
Justin Trudeau is ultimately the only one who has not made a mistake on day one, but precisely because it has not really launched his campaign in Quebec. Better to do nothing than to screw up… 
As for Gilles Duceppe, he do not seems to have the wind in the sails and, increasingly, it is clear that he will not be a significant element in the campaign in Quebec against the other three leaders in contention. 
Conclusion: The election campaign is officially launched and, as in sport, all results are possible, especially surprises! 
Good campaign to all candidates and good election to all voters! 
Photo 1: Justin Trudeau, Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair and Gilles Duceppe;
SEE STORY CBC (french);


February 10, 2015

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) – 
The war is declared between the Conservative Party and the Liberal Party and the only way for Stephen Harper to win this battle is to eliminate Dimitri Soudas from the battlefield before he can attack and strike at the heart of the current Prime Minister… 
Dimitri Soudas, who was until recent time one of the few close confidants of Harper has betrayed his former mentor. Indeed, Eve Adam, conservative MP and Dimitri Soudas left the Conservative Party to join Justin Trudeau. This change of camp reminds the one of Belinda Stronach, who had left Harper to join with Paul Martin. Stronach was also at the time the girlfriend of Peter MacKay who had then cut off the relationship, feeling betrayed by his lover. What had been a coup, however, had never really been profitable for Paul Martin. 
Adam and Soudas were for some time in rejection from the Conservative Party but it is surprising and significant that Dimitri Soudas is at the center of this floor crossing! Moreover, the departure of Adam MP would be of little importance if it were not for the presence of Soudas in this exchange. Soudas is from Montreal and has been an official in the administration of former mayor Gerald Tremblay. He is very familiar with Quebec and it could be an asset in the campaign for Justin Trudeau. 
When asked if Soudas would work directly in the Liberal campaign, Justin Trudeau replied that the MP Adam brought with the move her collaborators and her family… 
To be continued! 
Photo 1: Stephen Harper and Dimitri Soudas with Eve Adam;
Photo 2: Dimitri Soudas and Eve Adam;
hoto 3: Eve Adam and Justin Trudeau;


January 13, 2015

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) – 
Politics will be very active in 2015, not least due to the federal elections scheduled for next October. Several candidacies will be announced and discussed in the coming months and it will be difficult to follow them all, but the one of the now former journalist Pascale Dery is of particular interest to me because I knew her in another life. 
Her possible participation as a candidate call on me for two reasons. First, the biggest dream of Pascale was once to be a journalist! Why is she abandoning the dream she realized? Second, my upset is also related to the fact that I also left a nice career in journalism to go in the world of politics. It was in 1984 with Brian Mulroney’s team. This period was the most beautiful of my life but also the most disappointing. Brian’s team had the wind in the sails and we wanted to change the world, but the world did not changed… 
I have always regretted later my leaving as a journalist! 
Pascale Déry, journalist at the french network TVA, ex-assistant Julie Snyder and ex-girlfriend during a time of Stephane Laporte would soon be one of the candidates for the political party of Stephen Harper in the federal election of October 2015. 
Pascale is old 38, married with two young children. The couple lives in the riding of Mount Royal. 
I specifically known Pascale in 1996 when she was young student and asked me at Quebecor to help her on a research she did for one of her university courses at UQAM. Later, she handed me her file (CV) for a job as researcher for TQS which Quebecor had just acquired. Her dream then was to become a journalist… 
Time flies! Already 20 years ago… 
What had impressed me at the time was her father’s exceptional story as a traveling dentist with a specially equipped car to provide home care (SOS Dentist). 
Pascale I wish you good luck! Although I am a pro-Justin Trudeau fan and I will vote for his candidate in my riding, I think Stephen Harper is going to be re-elected! He eliminated the deficit and his military positions are popular. Voters do not like to take risks with their vote and they prefer the values they know… 
To be continued! 
Photo 1: Harper, Justin Trudeau and Thomas Mulcair;
Photo 2 and 5: Pascale Dery;
Photo 3: Pierre-Karl Peladeau and Julie Snyder;
Photo 4: Stephane Laporte;