ELECTION QUEBEC 2014 – Monday April 7…

March 5, 2014

Bernard Bujold ( LeStudio1.com ) – 
The target and magical figure of the current election campaign in Quebec is 63 MPs out of 125 seats for a majority. Currently with 54 members outgoing , the Parti Québécois are favorites but the Liberal Party with 49 members can also expect a majority. 
The campaign will definitely be also a referendum because the Parti Québécois hides no aspirations to achieve the separation of Quebec from Canada if he becomes majority. For this reason, it will be a struggle between the candidates of Pauline Marois against the Ottawa politiciens rather than a single fight against the aspiring political provincial Liberal Philippe Couillard. 
According to me, we will see the election of another minority government. The numbers are too tight and there is no popular wave for a party or a leader. 
But the Liberal Party could however surprise because voters do not vote ever for a leader, but against one. People will not be motivated to vote against Couillard because he was not there, but they could decide to vote against Marois and choose another option… 
In addition, the new Philippe Couillard at the launch of the campaign seems to be a much more aggressive character and winner that that the one he personified during the last month since his election as leader. 
This campaign could be an interesting and surprising race! 
And for me, I officially announce : 
” I will not be a candidate…”.
To be continued until April 7
Photo 1 and 3: National Assembly of Quebec ;
Photo 2: Pauline Marois, Philippe Couillard, Stephen Harper, JustinTrudeau and Thomas Mulcair ;
Photo 4 : Bernard Bujold LeStudio1.com ;
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