November 19, 2014

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) – 
In a former life, I was in all galas, special events, evening fundraising, opening night at theater, museum, book launch or music albums, exhibitions, music concerts, variety shows, etc! My agenda was filled 7 on 7. I wanted to please and seduce and I did not believe in the virtues of solitude or individual and discrete gestures. 
It was once my life but today I automatically refuse all invitations from three categories: 
1. I will never participate in wedding ceremonies (large gathering of family, friends and acquaintances). I prefer intimate gatherings and for me a dinner attended by more than 4 people is a crowd….; 
2. I did not attend any funeral! The person is dead and, she or he, will not hear me tell that I loved her or him. I prefer a living person…; 
3. I will not participate in any campaign to raise public funds, like United Way. I prefer to help my entourage on an individual basis. 
Of course there are exceptions. So this friend (Facebook), Gaspard Fauteux, invited me to publish a picture of me, a kind of Selfie with a bow tie for the campaign BOWVEMBRE (the Association PROCURE against cancer of the prostate in men). Since I love to take photos, I agreed. If he had asked me to participate to a Gala, I would have refused… 
Here is my picture! Have a nice BOWVEMBER campaign, my dear Gaspard! 
Photo 1: Bernard Bujold;
Photo 2: Gaspard Fauteux;