May 3, 2016

The leader of the Parti Québécois, Pierre Karl Peladeau announced Monday afternoon May 2, 2016 that he left the politics definitively to return to the leadership of his company Quebecor. 
His departure means the failure of the political ambitions of Pierre Karl Péladeau and a major setback for the Parti Quebecois and its political agenda. 


January 29, 2016

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) – 
An excellent report produced by journalist Madeleine Roy about PIERRE KARL PÉLADEAU. Personally, I had agreed to meet her last summer specifying that I left QUEBECOR immediately after the founder Pierre Péladeau death (January 1998), and I never talked with Pierre-Karl after that… 
Madeleine Roy had accepted this limit and we did an interview about my years with Pierre Péladeau father. 
However, I never had such an experience after the interview as Madeleine called me many time after our meeting to check and double check my comments and requested other sources to confirm my observations. So much that at some point, impatient, I told her that everything that I said was already officially confirmed in my book (2003) and that no one had ever contradicted the comments published in my biography of the founder of Quebecor. 
All that to say that if Madeleine was as severe and professional with the other interviewees as she was with me, she checked her sources not once, but twice. 
A story such as this one certainly require months of work! 
Congratulations to Madeleine Roy for her patience! This particular story requested even more work than usual as dozens of people simply refused to talk to her because they were afraid… 
Photos 1, 2, and 6: Madeleine Roy;
Photos 2 and 3: Bernard Bujold;
Photo 4 and 5: Pierre Karl Péladeau;


October 4, 2015

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) – 
The Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe met its militants Saturday, October 3 as part of the campaign Elections Canada 2015. 
Gilles Duceppe was accompanied by the PQ leader, Pierre Karl Péladeau who was there to introduce the Bloc leader. 
I’m not particularly a fan of PKP but I wanted to see his oratory qualities, since he had told me in the past not to be a great public speaker… 
Well, I must admit that he has studied well since because he became a theatrical speaker and he knows how to raise the crowd. He applies acting stuff and obviously he has learned the lesson from of one or many masters who taught him… 
PKP performance was such that at one point, I thought that Gilles would be sad and boring since his presenter was so energetic. Finally, Duceppe has also performed well but in a more quiet style using humour style Yvon Deschamps. 
Here is a photographic study of the speaker talent of the two politicians that are Pierre-Karl Péladeau and Gilles Duceppe.


May 16, 2015

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1)  
-William Johnson, renowned writer and journalist, published in The National Post on Saturday, May 16, 2015 a very precise analysis of the challenge for Pierre Karl Péladeau in achieving its proposed separation of Quebec from Canada. 
There are only two options to separate Quebec from Canada: political and legal negotiation or armed revolution (like in Cuba). 
Obviously, the second option will never be put forward by Quebecers… 
In the separation by negotiation, there are four stages from first the local referendum; compliance with laws in force in the current country of Canada; the agreement of the other provinces to amend the Constitution; and most difficult, from a geographical point of view, to accept that some regions (territories) of Quebec will not join the new country and will remain in Canada like First Nations people and their territories that occupy half the geographical area of ​​Quebec. 
The challenges for PKP are enormous and that’s not counting the one he will face to survive politically in the National Assembly of Quebec… 
To be continued! 
Photo 1: Martine Ouelllet, Alexandre Cloutier and Pierre Karl Péladeau;
Photo 2: William Johnson and Pierre Karl Péladeau;
Photo 3 and 4: Pierre Karl Péladeau;


February 10, 2015

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) – 
Pierre Karl Peladeau claims he did not know that the English musical band Groenland was also the co-creation of Jean-Vivier Lévesque, son of Raymond Lévesque one of the great poets, activists and francophone Quebec separatists… 
According to the explanations from the entourage of PKP about the incident at the show in Abitibi, he had just come out of a meeting of PQ activists and he would have found it unacceptable that the musical group there was not singing in French. Yet that recognized group always sings in English and has been since its creation. PKP then interrupted the event and shouted four times to singer Sabrina Halde to sing a “toune en français”.
The spectators were completely surprised and disturbed by the insults and they did not recognize PKP at first and believed it was more of a drunken spectator. Even the singer asked on her microphone to “get this man out because he was not in the right place …” 
Those responsible for the organization of Pierre Karl Peladeau said that PKP had not been drinking and he was not drunk… He just wanted the Groenland Band to sing in French! According to me, the artistic creation is not limited to race, language or family origins but it is a gift and the quality of artistic creation is judged by the depth of contact between the creation and the soul of the audience. PKP was not to insult the Groenland Band, especially since its members love the French language, but have chosen to create on stage in English, an artist’s choice! The choice of the spectator is to attend or not but nobody has the right to insult an artist or impose his tastes on the creations of the artist! 
Co-creation of the musical group Groenland by John Vivier Lévesque and singer Sabrina Halde is comparable to the one of several other musical groups. Two young music students develop a friendship and trust and get together on stage. It all started in 2011… (see link below for the full story). 
Photo 1: Pierre-Karl Peladeau;
Photo 2: Jean-Vivier Lévesque and Sabrina Halde;
Photo 3: Cover of the two albums by Groenland;


October 18, 2014

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com) – 
People ask me if I support Pierre-Karl Peladeau in his political mission? Many tell me that I should absolutely support him because I was the assistant of his father… 
My answer is not no, neither yes! 
Pierre Peladeau father was a great entrepreneur but not necessarily a great independentist. 
Proof, one of his best friends was Brian Mulroney. René Lévesque was also a great friend of Pierre Peladeau. The founder of Quebecor does not dislike Canada, but he hated specifically Pierre E. Trudeau because he had known him in college. 
Pierre Peladeau’s dream was to expand his empire across the country and around the world much like Paul Desmarais, Rupert Murdoch or even Conrad Black in newspapers. He was most proud of his printing plants in place in the United States and France. 
PKP is something else. First he is an heir which is the opposite of his father who was a builder contractor. PKP manages a legacy as a financier. 
Personally, I left Quebecor after his father’s death and I never spoke again to PKP directly thereafter. I had kept in touch with her sister Isabelle who recently died in a strange and tragic way. 
I am neither for nor against PKP although I know him very well, having worked with him for several years, but I’m not his friend in any way. By the way, I know better Julie Snyder. My best woman friend was also the best friend of Julie for almost 20 years… 
Do will I vote for PKP? I will vote for the best candidate running in the next election, according to my convictions. Do PKP is a good politician? According to me PKP was an excellent manager at Quebecor and his strategy to divest from printing to develop VIDEOTRON was brilliant. Is he a good politician? Still according to me, I think the love of politics by PKP is a kind of leisure and he tries his luck as one will do at the lottery. Does can he win? His father had always refused to do active politics and he would not seek government contracts. Too many questions and no freedom of action explained to me the founder of Quebecor! 
To be continued… 
Photo 1: Pierre Peladeau;
Photo 2: Pierre-Karl Peladeau and Pierre;
Photo 3: Pierre-Karl Peladeau, Julie Snyder and Jean Neveu;
Photo 4: Pierre-Karl Peladeau and Julie Snyder;
Photo 5: Pierre-Karl Peladeau ;

QUEBEC ELECTION 2014 – The Godfather from the movies

March 12, 2014

Bernard Bujold ( LeStudio1.com ) –
I received phone calls from 4 or 5 journalists (1 francophone and 4 anglophones… ) all asking me what I think about the candidacy of Pierre-Karl Peladeau, given that I knew him when I was an executive assistant to his father.
My answer is a like a tape…
“I consider PKP to be a person highly skilled in business and if I compare father and son, both are like the characters from movies The Godfather by Puzo. Pierre Peladeau was a sort of Don Corleone (crimes less) as everyone loved and regarded him as a father figure. Pierre Peladeau motivated his employees by his simple moral support and a good word of encouragement.
Pierre Karl Peladeau is a colder manager and my experience with him is that of a leader who motivate people to do their best because one is afraid of him, rather than admiration. PKP is a bit like in temperament as Michael (Pacino) in the movie The Godfather (crimes less, always of course… ) .
In financial terms, Pierre Peladeau ran a family business while PKP is a manager of large corporation. 
Journalists asked me if PKP has always been a nationalist ?
I do not know but I think he believes that he has all qualities and skill that Marois, Drainville or Lisée might have and he said to himself why not try my luck to become Premier of Quebec one day? The challenge is not so extraordinary in itself, nor inaccessible. 
He could have chosen the Liberal Party but he have a better play with the PQ as the left sees in him a kind of savior from the right. A kind of defender for less well off financially while he is a rich one. This is the figure of the hero Batman from Gotham City or Robin Hood. The bad ones beings here for the PQ and activists, the English from the rest of Canada (ROC). 
What is however surprising is the presence of PKP in team with sovereignty as his mentor and best friend is a former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, who considered himself the spiritual brother of Paul Desmarais. Mulroney was also a great friend of the father of PKP, Pierre Peladeau. One might think that Brian Mulroney supported PKP to take revenge against Stephen Harper who humiliated him and cons those who have failed Meech Lake, but I have fun here thinking aloud, without any ground with the real situation… 
Will PKP win his bet ? 
We’ll see on April 7th !
Will I am going to support him ? 
I have not talked intimately to PKP since the death of his father in December 1997… “
End of the tape !
We’ll see later, but it is obvious that the candidacy of Pierre Karl Peladeau is the star, not of the Parti Québécois but as a whole to the election. It is no longer a struggle against a Pauline Marois and a Philippe Couillard but rather separatists against the federalists. The current campaign is more than a campaign to elect a provincial government to manage a budget and service programs but there was a deep struggle with forces that are much more serious and powerful than those displayed publicly. 
People want to elect the future Godfather of Quebec …
Photo 1: Pierre Peladeau, Pierre-Karl Peladeau, Don Corleone and Michael;
Photo 2: Pierre-Karl Peladeau, Brian Mulroney, Pierre Peladeau and Paul Desmarais;
Photo 3: Philippe Couillard, Pierre-Karl Peladeau and Pauline Marois;
Photo 4 and 5: Pauline Marois and his campaign bus;
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