February 8, 2015

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com) – 
The insult by Pierre Karl Peladeau to the singer of the group GROENLAND may explain itself finally by a particular situation, but which clearly shows that the artistic talent knows no boundaries of race, language either French, English or another language! 
One will recall that Pierre Karl Peladeau rose during a show in Abitibi and he yelled twice at the singer of the group asking her to sing in French! As the room was dark, the singer Sabrina Halde did not identified the person from her stage, but it is the spectators who recognized and were totally surprised by the anger of PKP who was a special guest at the show (VIP). The organizers said they were very disappointed that PKP used a popular music festival in the region (Abitibi Témiscamingue) to make party politics. The organizers described the gesture very rude! 
GROENLAND BAND is of great quality and one just have to listen to their two albums to see that. The singer Sabrina Halde has an extraordinary voice that I compare to Diana Krall, while the lyrics are profound with a little romance like the Leonard Cohen’s. The group specializes in the INDIE MUSIC style, which means independent music and usually living an English-speaking environment. 
When questioned, the spokesman of PKP said his boss was an ardent defender of the French language…  
But the real reason might be that the composer of texts and one of the group’s musicians with GROENLAND is Jean-Vivier Lévesque the son of another great Quebec composer Raymond Lévesque… We all know the deep passion of Raymond for the French language and the latter is a friend of PKP. Probably the real reason of PKP insults to the group is, according to some, that Raymond would be sad that his son do not play in a French band… 
I had never listened to the songs of Groenland Band before but the words of Pierre-Karl Peladeau led me to delve SPOTIFY and put the album in my favorites. An album to be listen to! 
The insult by PKP might finally be a push for the group. I even predict that the show TOUT LE MONDE EN PARLE will invite them to their show next week… 
Photo 1: Photo Groenland;
Photo 2: Pierre Karl Peladeau and Julie Snyder;
Photo 3 and 4: Groeanland Group;
Photo 5: Pierre-Karl Peladeau and Raymond Lévesque;