December 25, 2014

By Bernard Bujold ( – 
Every year, I like to enjoy Christmas to reflect on life. 
I have read several articles in the past few days in the media telling of the misery or poverty of many and the wealth of a few. We must face the facts, life on earth is a lottery and all of us can not be the grand prize winner (rich, beautiful and healthy) but if we are accepted in the lottery of life, we get all at least a lot, the minimum being a lifetime… 
It is therefore necessary to have the wisdom to enjoy and especially to accept the lot granted to us. The most important asset is obviously youth. The rest will be like traveling with anecdotes and the choices of our youth, free or imposed, will largely decide the destination and options for our various journeys in adulthood. Of course, it goes without saying that health is more important than youth because without health, there is no life. Health is the first wealth which is obtained from birth and it will have to last us a lifetime. So do not waste it… 
Personally I consider myself to be a kind of cat (or dog as my faithful Ulysses) to have had to date at least seven lives… 
First I grew up in a rectory while my family wanted me to become a priest (or bishop…); I then dreamed of being a famous athlete; then to become a journalist believing that I have found a vocation; then I wanted to create a family clan that ended with solitudes; then to the politics thinking that I can change the world; and finally to become a journalist again but knowing that the world cannot be changed except in each of our lives and only on an individual basis. Today, in this life that is now mine, well I try to do my best… 
I also apply the philosophy of the friend Gérard Depardieu: live fully in the now moment, philosophy described in his excellent biography book currently in store and my favorite in 2014: “Ça s’est fait comme ça”. 
And because I have known many lives since my childhood, I also know that in each new life, it is always both an end and a new beginning! We need to know how to forget the past and embrace change. Happiness never exist as a destination but it is in the now moment of each of our lives, from and despite the obstacles. Do not be afraid of this and live the present as if it was our last moment on earth! 
Merry Christmas to all and a great year 2015! 
PS. Santa Claus really exists and he came to visit me! The secret: Just believe…
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