MARCEL CÔTÉ – An unlucky man…

May 27, 2014

Bernard Bujold ( ) – 
Marcel Côté (1942-2014) became a nice man with age and if younger, he was sometimes abrupt and a bit on a too rebellious tone, Marcel was in recent years a very nice person to know. 
Personally, I have known Marcel Côté in the 90s and I was distrusted sometimes by his too much disturbing franchise. 
For this reason, I had forgotten about him until last season election for mayor of Montreal. 
I liked his arguments and program and since I was ready to vote for anyone but Coderre, in which I had no confidence, I decided then to vote for Marcel Côté. 
Unfortunately, while reading a story in La Presse, I discovered that his press secretary was a former publicist at National. I knew her as she has been in the middle of an adventure in my professional life. 
I was beginning a new job as a press attaché in the government of Bernard Landry and on the first morning on the job, I meet this ex- publicist of National who recognizes me and looks at me suspiciously. In the afternoon, the Chief of Staff convenes me saying that I could not remain in office as a boss from National threatened to boycott the government (at least the department where I was assigned … ) and she added that the order came to NATIONAL from someone high up at QUEBECOR, which person she did not tell me the name, despite my insistence to know it. 
In 2013 , I had not forgotten about this event and it was obvious that I could not vote for a candidate who had as close staff the same person who attacked me personally in 2002. 
Marcel Côté therefore did not get my vote, even though I considered him to be the best candidate. He was unlucky, at least for my vote… 
After sharing my findings to the organization of Marcel Côté, which confirmed the situation, I pulled on Mélanie Joly who was by me the most interesting candidate in contention after Marcel. To my deep sadness, Coderre won the election… 
I was completely stunned when I learned of the death of Marcel Côté on Saturday, 24 May 2014. With hindsight, I liked him and I regret that he did not become mayor of Montreal. 
Strangely, this is an organizer of Mélanie Joly, who told me news of his death … 
Photo 1: Marcel Côté ;
Photo 2 and 3: Marcel Côté at mayoral campaign in 2013 ;
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