October 5, 2015

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) – 
Marcel Aubut’s actions are totally unacceptable but nobody can replace him at the Olympic Committee and defend the interests of Francophone Quebec athletes as he did. The man imposed his vision! 
Now, is it better to be less present at the Olympic sporting level and that women are better respected? I believe so! But not crazy, no castle. 
This is deeply unfortunate, but by my observation and my experience of professional life, I can say, and in an inescapable way, that all great builders are great at the height of their faults. Steve Jobs, for who it is just coming out a movie, was an unpleasant boss as possible, but he created the Apple castle. Those who preceded him at the management of the company had more normal human behavior but Apple was not going anywhere. The madness of Steve Jobs was also his genius. 
Here in Quebec, all the great builders from Jean Coutu, André Bérard, Alain Bouchard (Couche-Tard), and of course Pierre Péladeau who I knew well, just to name a few, had or still have a particular personality and sometimes unpleasant, but it was also essential to success in the creation of their company. 
For Aubut, indeed we must make a choice. A builder as cheeky and disrespectful as Aubut or another one more polite and friendly but less builder… 
This is a societal choice but that we can not have both. Such is life! 
Photo 1: Castle;
Photo 2: Marcel Aubut Montreal Olympic Stadium;
Photo 3: Steve Jobs and the iPad;