FIGHTING THE DEFICIT – Philippe Couillard and his reading…

May 27, 2014

Bernard Bujold ( ) –
Some say the bedside book of Philippe Couillard is : CAPITAL by Thomas Piketty . 
The original version in French (LE CAPITAL AU 21E SIÈCLE ) published last fall (2013) has already been exhausted ( nearly 100,000 copies sold in France ) and the recent English translation 
(2014) is quickly becaming a bestseller in the United States and England ( 200,000 copies sold). 
The treaty of Piketty is a reflection on wealth and taxes. The author suggests that we should tax wealth rather than working as is currently the case. The example of Liliane Bettencourt is mentioned as she had inherited from his father a fortune of $ 2 billion that has increased over the years to $ 25 billion , and without the heir doing any work a single day in her life… 
According to Piketty, the solution to the deficit of the global economy is to tax capital accumulation (wealth). 
Is Philippe Couillard apply this approach discreetly in his province? 
To be continued… 
Photo 1: Philippe Couillard and the book cover Capital ;
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