September 21, 2016

by Bernard Bujold – Five or six times a year, and for decades, I dream at night in my sleep of my first true love … I say “true” because we often have passing and not true love! 
It happened again to me last night (September 19 the day before autumn 2016) while my first “true love” appeared to me in a new story, dream of my subconscious! 
The relationship with my first love was never completed because I was married and the lover in question did not want to break the lives of my two children. I always kept a memory of regret about this first true love and I still wonder today what kind of couples would we have been? What would have happened to our respective life if I had met this woman before my wedding? What reality would we have accomplished together in the union of our two person? 
Well those are existential questions that will never have an answer except in the uncontrollable imaginary of the occasional dreams like those of fall! 
Good autumn to everyone and especially, “Good dreams!” 
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