January 15, 2016

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1)-
One of the great beauty of the lotteries is the creation of dream! One can even ask himself which situation is most pleasant: dreaming about winning the lottery or to manage his life and his dreams after winning? 
Personally, I admit, I sometimes succumb and dream. 
My dream of Powerball in January 2016 was a nice watch. I even visited a retailer of luxury watches and the saleswoman was most friendly to me. She suggested several models, according to my preferences and with a beautiful smile… 
But a dream is not reality and having found that I had not won the lottery, I found myself with the simple reality of a cafe, alone on a restaurant counter. 
No, the saleswoman did not want to accompany me! 
Photo 1: Bernard Bujold at the coffee shop;
Photo 2: Powerball ticket;
Photos 3 and 4: Luxury Watches;
Photo 5: Saleswoman;
Photo 6: Nespresso Capsule;