QUEBEC ELECTION 2014 – The Godfather from the movies

March 12, 2014

Bernard Bujold ( ) –
I received phone calls from 4 or 5 journalists (1 francophone and 4 anglophones… ) all asking me what I think about the candidacy of Pierre-Karl Peladeau, given that I knew him when I was an executive assistant to his father.
My answer is a like a tape…
“I consider PKP to be a person highly skilled in business and if I compare father and son, both are like the characters from movies The Godfather by Puzo. Pierre Peladeau was a sort of Don Corleone (crimes less) as everyone loved and regarded him as a father figure. Pierre Peladeau motivated his employees by his simple moral support and a good word of encouragement.
Pierre Karl Peladeau is a colder manager and my experience with him is that of a leader who motivate people to do their best because one is afraid of him, rather than admiration. PKP is a bit like in temperament as Michael (Pacino) in the movie The Godfather (crimes less, always of course… ) .
In financial terms, Pierre Peladeau ran a family business while PKP is a manager of large corporation. 
Journalists asked me if PKP has always been a nationalist ?
I do not know but I think he believes that he has all qualities and skill that Marois, Drainville or Lisée might have and he said to himself why not try my luck to become Premier of Quebec one day? The challenge is not so extraordinary in itself, nor inaccessible. 
He could have chosen the Liberal Party but he have a better play with the PQ as the left sees in him a kind of savior from the right. A kind of defender for less well off financially while he is a rich one. This is the figure of the hero Batman from Gotham City or Robin Hood. The bad ones beings here for the PQ and activists, the English from the rest of Canada (ROC). 
What is however surprising is the presence of PKP in team with sovereignty as his mentor and best friend is a former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, who considered himself the spiritual brother of Paul Desmarais. Mulroney was also a great friend of the father of PKP, Pierre Peladeau. One might think that Brian Mulroney supported PKP to take revenge against Stephen Harper who humiliated him and cons those who have failed Meech Lake, but I have fun here thinking aloud, without any ground with the real situation… 
Will PKP win his bet ? 
We’ll see on April 7th !
Will I am going to support him ? 
I have not talked intimately to PKP since the death of his father in December 1997… “
End of the tape !
We’ll see later, but it is obvious that the candidacy of Pierre Karl Peladeau is the star, not of the Parti Québécois but as a whole to the election. It is no longer a struggle against a Pauline Marois and a Philippe Couillard but rather separatists against the federalists. The current campaign is more than a campaign to elect a provincial government to manage a budget and service programs but there was a deep struggle with forces that are much more serious and powerful than those displayed publicly. 
People want to elect the future Godfather of Quebec …
Photo 1: Pierre Peladeau, Pierre-Karl Peladeau, Don Corleone and Michael;
Photo 2: Pierre-Karl Peladeau, Brian Mulroney, Pierre Peladeau and Paul Desmarais;
Photo 3: Philippe Couillard, Pierre-Karl Peladeau and Pauline Marois;
Photo 4 and 5: Pauline Marois and his campaign bus;
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