January 20, 2016

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1)- 
A new editor was appointed to the Journal Le Devoir. 
The choice of Brian Myles is surprising appointment but an interesting one. 
On one hand, one can wonder about the reasons that have not lead to the choice of Josée Boileau (Vice-President in charge of editing), the number two after the current outgoing director Bernard Descôteaux. His avoidance reminiscent of Michel Roy to whom the board had chosen Jean Louis Roy in 1980. Michel left in 1982. The new director Myles refused on Monday to say if Josée would be part of his team… and Josée announced her resignation the day after the announcement of the new director. 
Among the candidates whose names were publicly circulated as favorites were Michel Vennes and Michel Nadeau but the board did not want to move forward, hence the continued research and the final choice of Brian Myles. Personally I have long thought that Jean-François Lisée would be the winning choice. 
The challenge is huge but the newspaper received, on last December 31, a priceless gift and that should help. The end of the paper editions of LA PRESSE on weekdays. 
Good luck to Brian Myles and happy reading to all subscribers, present and future! 
To be continued…
Photos 1, 3: Brian Myles;
Photo 2: Bernard Descôteaux and Brian Myles;
Photo 4: Josée Boileau;
Photo 5: Josée Boileau, Michel Roy, Michel Vennes, Michel Nadeau and Jean-François Lisée;
Photo 6: Bernard Bujold and Duty;