By Bernard Bujold- 
I hate the crowds but occasionally I cannot avoid them and I take then the opportunity to analyze people’s eyes. 
One can learn a lot about the state of mind of a society by walking in the crowd and observing the people’s eyes. We find in the eyes the dreams, hopes or despair. 
As we age, it also becomes easier to interpret the states of mind of our environment. 
So this young couple in love who dreams of great happiness or this old couple who clings to hope. 
My conclusion, the more time changes, the more similar the society is from one era to another. 
At 20, we are convinced that we can completely change and transform the world; at age 40 we begin to have doubts about the extent of our achievement; and at age 60 we say that if we change a tiny portion of the world, we will have accomplished a lot. 
At 80, we do not run after the red balloons anymore… 
Life is a journey and, if at first we plan to visit everything, at the end of the trip we are happy with one or two holiday memories. 
In conclusion, 99% of our projects, dreams or worries of life will never come true! Fortunately, it remains the 1% because it is there that is the true happiness of the life! 

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