By Bernard Bujold 
The world of photography has changed a lot in recent years. I often have discussions with photographer friends about our beautiful era and the new techniques of the day… Many of us were convinced in the early 2000s that the digital photo market would go nowhere and that it was just a gadget! 
In the end, almost 20 years later, digital photography is the only thing that exists in the world of image, photo as video (cinema and television). It’s a new society. Every individual now has a camera with his phone. Moreover we do not say anymore: “take a picture” but “create an image”! The world has never been more virtual and “universal” than with Instagram, Facebook, etc. 
In photography it is not the camera but the moment! The lightness of the phones makes it the perfect tool. It must be understood that photography is managing light. The device must have a minimum of technology but the important thing is to manage the light. The worst enemy of the photographer is also the weight. 
Of course, if I was still a press photographer, I would use a big camera to protect my territory and identify myself as a photographer in the event. With an iPhone you have the look of a tourist… For the respect, the big camera still has its place today in the press conferences but, not for the result of the photos. The role of the big camera is the projected image, a kind of “costume” for the press photographer. 
But even with big devices, the technology is changing with the upcoming end of the DSLR and the arrival of Mirrorless. 
In closing, personally I love digital because geographical boundaries no longer exist. I can take pictures in my living room and on the other side of the world we can see them in the second. Even Donald, my distant idol, can look at my photos… 
We are far from the time of DIRECT FILM and pre-paid envelopes to receive the development of the film a week later!


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