By Bernard Bujold –
The appointment of Julie Payette as Governor General of Canada is unanimous across the country. 
I had the pleasure to collaborate once with Julie in 2002 on a photo reportage while she was hosting a series of shows with the Montreal Orchestre Métropolitain whose theme was the stars. Julie had impressed me then with her smile, her eyes and her hair but especially with her discipline with regard to the photo session. I lost touch with her and I only saw Julie three or four times like at the cocktail after the funeral ceremony of Paul Desmarais Sr. in October 2013, a ceremony we both attended. Later, in 2014, a year after Julie’s appointment at the Montreal Science Center, I met her on the street and photographed her on the spot, while she was running towards her business lunch. 
My instinct at that time made me believe that she was not happy in her new job, but I thought it was a false perception on my part. She left the Science Center in 2016! My perception was right… 
Will Julie be successful in Ottawa? I believe it because this new position is as good as the astronaut. It was not easy for Julie to regain the degree of challenge she had encountered during her space career and her position in next September will allow her to regain the same degree of passion and scope. I sincerely wish her a very good luck! 
To be continued… 


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