By Bernard Bujold – 
I accepted two or three times the invitation by Lise Thibault and what surprised me was the passion of the other guests. They were all very important people in our society but they were doing “genuflexion” before Lise and considered it an immense honor to be invited to her events. 
They considered Lise even more noble than themselves! 
When she arrived in her garden, all the dignitaries stood up like soldiers… 
This is what I find hypocritical because the guest dignitaries have benefited as much from the gifts of Lise as Lise herself… 
Me, I never went back to her party after the two or three times because I found it too fake and a bit comical! 
However I must say that I still kept the golf balls she had given me… 
Lise took advantage of the system but the thousands of dignitaries who accepted her gifts (party on the grass, sale of art works by artists to Lise who then she gave back to her many visitors, etc). 
Lise gave happiness to several and these accepted “the favor”… 
Lise was like the drunkard at the bar who pays drinks to other people. When the free tour is over and the drunk has no more money, the boss of the bar throws the drunk out! 
My conclusion: We must beware of dignitaries because they are often not more worthy than the drunkard on the street! 


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