By Bernard Bujold –
The question of the moment among several political observers concerns the temperament of Donald Trump! Is he crazy, or just out of the ordinary? 
Personally, I consider him “impetuous”! Impetuosity is usually peculiar to youth, for with age comes wisdom and calm. 
I was exactly discussing this at a recent dinner where I explained that Donald Trump kept the impetuosity of a 30-year-old boy when he is 70. It’s very rare to have as much energy and above all motivation to launch extraordinary challenges at an age of wisdom…. 
Donald would have had much more fun staying in New York or Florida. Some want to see Rome and die … but he wanted to become President before he died! 
I also explained, at my supper, that all men (or women) who perform great things are all a little abnormal. From a Steve Job (I read 5 biographies about him) to a Donald Trump or, here in Quebec, to the biggest achievers: all are a bit abnormal (some would say crazy). I will not name any Quebecker so as not to insult anyone thatI know… 
Conclusion: Donald Trump is perhaps a bit crazy but from this madness of achievers who accomplish great things and change the world! Donald Trump gives me all the clues of who will be one of the greatest politicians of history! 


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