By Bernard Bujold-
Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump understand each other and both want to work very closely together. 
The official visit by Justin Trudeau in Washington (Monday February 13, 2017) could be qualified of a success. The two top politics leaders that are Donald Trump and Justin Trudeau seem very friendly to one another. For one, the two won their election over the prediction of losing by the media and the pollsters. In a way, this is a very strong link between the two as an underdog winner always love another underdog winner. 
Personally, I predicted both victories almost right on the digit. I evaluated at 300 votes the victory by Trump (he won by 306) and in 2015 I predicted 180 seats for Justin ( he won by 184) Note that Brian Mulroney was the advisor to Justin Trudeau in the preparation of the official visit. 
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