By Bernard Bujold – 
The misadventure of Donald Trump with his bus discussions (gym) reminded me a similar story about me. 
When I was barely 20 years old, young announcer on television, I was serious in my loving hopes on one of the secretaries at the station. A colleague once asked me, to make conversation while I waited before going on air, what were my plans with the girl as several co-workers knew of my interest in her? Wishing to appear “bright” I said, jokingly, that I was like a wizard with women and that they all fell like ‘rabbits’ in my nets! A few days later, the secretary in question came to bring me a cassette tape saying it was an important news that had just brought a citizen. The reality was that the colleague had registered me in secret with the connivance of the technician when I boasted about my magic on rabbits … 
Needless to say, my amorous ambitions have not been on any more! 
CONCLUSION: Always be careful because there may be a hidden microphone that awaits us… 


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