By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) –
My friend Denis Monette has released another new novel for the fall season 2016 (in French). 
LES FAUTIFS is a look at a Montreal middle-class family. We read their life review over the adventures that take place during the last decades until today. 
The characters created by Denis Monette are always particularly realistic and one will recognize many similar people in their own surroundings. 
The novel revolves mainly around adult family relationship between a brother and his two sisters. The brother is an alcoholic, a connoisseur of art who is an civil servant for the government. Its characteristic is to be gay and to live together with another man to whom he is unfaithful and this is what forms the basis of the novel. Then there is this doctor specialist who has done well in his profession but one of his son will died tragically in an automobile accident. The doctor father regret not having told his son that he loved him… 
A novel that paints a realistic look at family life similar to the one of thousands of Quebec families. 
A book to read! 


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