by Bernard Bujold- 
The MONTREAL WORLD FILM FESTIVAL 2016 will be less “festive” than in the past years but such is life. 
I have experienced beautiful moments at the FFM and wonderful encounters with Depardieu (Gerard and Julie) and of course Isabelle Adjani. I also experienced the thrills when David Novek was in charge of the media! 
The 2016 edition exists, but in a reduced manner… There is a competition of cinema, films in competition and spectators; and for that reason, Serge Losique will be able to say that there was a FFM 2016 and maintain its official world accreditation for Canada. 
I wrote earlier this week: Serge Losique is a very smart man and he knows that he has a master card in his game! This card is the official accreditation by the INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF FILM PRODUCERS ASSOCIATIONS (FIAPF). This association is the one that officially recognizes the film festivals around the world and there are two festivals recognized in Canada: Toronto and Montreal. 
In 2008, local organizers in Montreal with Alain Simard in charge had tried to present an new event that would replace the FFM. Their failure and death, following a single first edition is due in large part to the lack of this official accreditation. Local baffles surrounding a festival does not influence the FIAPF in its accreditations. 
Serge Losique understood the situation! Many have tried to convince Losique to sell its acquired right, but he always refused. Therefore, even if the FFM 2016 will be of small scale, since the event takes place, the certification is still valid! 
In my book, Quebecor should try to seduce Serge Losique. The World Film Festival of Montreal would be a great event in the circle of Quebecor with MEL’S GLOBL VISION. 
But one conclusion is sure for now and it is that the FFM is far from dead… 
Photo 1: Bernard Bujold
Photo 2 and 3: Cinema Imperial FFM;
Photo 4: Serge Losique;

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