While we are at least three months (83 days) from the US elections, what are the chances of Donald Trump to defeat his opponent Hillary Clinton? 
If the political machine of the Democratic Party is perfectly aligned, one element remains unpredictable and it is the candidate Hillary Clinton. FBI folders that are revealed day after day about alleged illegal activities or his health following an accident that she suffered following a fall on the head in December 2012. 
In politics, a victory is never acquired before the final counting of the vote. 
The perfect example is Justin Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister. Throughout the election campaign in October 2015, Justin trailed in the polls and no media pronounced him the potential winner. Some journalists were even betting that he would be replaced as leader after the election… 
We know the result when he won a majority with 184 MPs on a total of 338. 
I projected a number of 180 for Justin… 
I am also projecting a victory of Donald Trump during the next US election on November 8. 
In fact, it will be Hillary Clinton who will lose because of the reasons mentioned above, as well as here in Canada the victory of Justin was actually a defeat by Thomas Mulcair and Stephen Harper. Justin Trudeau won because of the self-elimination of his opponents by themselves as, I believe, will do Donald Trump against Hillary. 
To be continued… 
Picture 1: Justin Trudeau;
Picture 2: Donald Trump;
Picture 3: Hillary Clinton;


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