By Bernard Bujold-(Sunday August 14, 2016) 
Rene Angelil always said that one must let the star come last to the show after a good warm up of the crowd. 
Justin Trudeau has proved that sometimes it is better to start the parade … 
The annual parade of the 2016 Montreal Pride had to gather several politicians and display demonstrations by whole community but in reality there were two parades: the one by Justin and the other… 
So much that the police had early on to change the game plan and to create an square insulating Justin and placing the other politicians in front or behind the square. This is called “frame the star” (to box the target) ” 
Needless to the other politicians who wanted to compete Justin; he was “THE STAR”! Personally, the only other star that I remember attracting the crowds like that is Celine Dion. You should have heard the crowd (about 300,000) on the sides of the Boulevard René Lévesque (from St-Mathieu to Hôtel-de-ville) yelling “JUSTIN” and to mention that they thought him handsome and that they loved him… 
Even CELINE would not have been more popular… 
Photo 1, 4, 5 and 6: Justin Trudeau;
Photo 2: Justin Trudeau and politicians;
Photo 3: Justin Trudeau and Bernard Bujold;

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