By Bernard Bujold (Text written July 14, 2016) – 
STÉPHANE VENNE (40) has a destiny very dramatic… 
He and his father (70 years) operated a farm (lettuce and other small vegetables) north of Montreal at Assomption village. Stéphane was also a recognized collector of autographs who attended concerts, sporting events and other events with stars people.  
On July 1, 2014, as he prepared to go to attend an event, he and his father (intoxicated by alcohol and verbally abusive to his son) quarreled. The father wanted the son to remain on the farm to help collecting the vegetables of the season… The father would have taken his son by the throat and the son decided to leave in his car, when the fatal accident happened. 
The drama, in addition of course to the death of the father, is Stéphane’s new life from July 2. It’s like a thriller. His whole life was transformed when he was jailed. 
He was one of my links on Facebook where he showed off his passion for Quebec and international stars (song, sport, politicians, etc). His page is still online, much like an abandoned house suddenly without notice with comments and pictures frozen in time. 
Stephen has been in prison since July 2, 2014 and his sentence is valid for the next six and a half years… Good luck to him!


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