PIERRE LALONDE (1941-2016)

By Bernard Bujold – 
PIERRE LALONDE was a symbol for an entire generation of Quebecers, including myself. A page of the history of Quebec was turned with his death on Tuesday, June 21- 2016. 
With its weekly program JEUNESSE D’AUJOURD’HUI on channel 10 of Télémétropole, Pierre Lalonde was as important and popular throughout Quebec as a “David Letterman” was among Americans. A unique talent! 
I took this series of photos on June 30, 2003 in the Old Port of Montreal during the celebrations of Canada Day. At the time, while the Prime Minister was Jean Chrétien, ceremonies for July 1 lasted 3 days and the budget was high… 
Pierre Lalonde had marked my teens and I wanted to enjoy his show as well as to get to photograph him. This series of pictures has never been published before now… 
Too bad that I have not made the effort to send him copies but I thought that a star like him was not interested in another series of photos of him during a show. 
Accepts my friendships, dear Pierre Lalonde!
PHOTOS 1 à 4: Pierre Lalonde en spectacle;

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