Mike Duffy is not a thief! He is a greedy but a greedy honest… 
His story is similar to the one of a customer at IGA! There is a difference between a customer who leaves the store without paying for a bottle of wine hidden in his bag; and another customer devouring four mouthfuls rather than one at the table of free tastings. 
Mike Duffy is the greedy customer but does not stole. 
I’ve known Mike when he was a journalist with CTV. He was a fair play man and always very nice but he loved the luxury. For a while he was riding in a Roll Royce (rented on his expense account) to impress the listeners of his TV show. But Duffy was not a thief,  just a journalist who was reading his contracts and use of the possibilities offered by employers. 
QUESTION: Who among us has never taken a second bite at the free tasting table in IGA (or a COSTCO)? 
Pictures 1,2,3, and 4: Mike Duffy;
Photo 5: Roll Royce;
Photo 6: IGA Tasting ;

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