By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) – 
One might call the former Lieutenant Governor of Quebec, Lise Thibault, to be an artist, or at least a symbol of the arts! 
Indeed, although I do not know her personally, I had the opportunity to meet her a few times and there was always a relationship with the arts; be they painters, sculptors and other disciplines. Lise Thibault was a great friend of the artists and she has organized numerous exhibitions and events to help them. 
We can therefore conclude that the fall of the Lieutenant Governor is also the loss of a great pillar of the art world as is also the case with Jutra and Cloutier in their respective fall. 
All those society torch losses lead to a sad finding! Our leaders can quickly become outcasts but they were useful before becoming bad. 
The Gilles Vaillancourt, Guy Turcotte, Jacques Delisle, Vincent Lacroix and others were not unknown fellows in our society. When we met them (before their fall), we called them “sir” and “madam” and they were very respected in the community. 
If there is one conclusion, it is that in the future, one should be a little more careful before calling someone: Mister or Madam…
Photo 1: Lise Thibault, Claude Jutra and Guy Cloutier;
Photo 3,4 and 5: Lise Thibault;
Photo 2: Gilles Vaillancourt, former Bâtonnière Joël Legendre, Guy Turcotte, Jacques Delisle, Vincent Lacroix;
Photo 6: Artwork Lise Thibault collection;

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