by Bernard Bujold – 
I’m not a fan of funerals and I very rarely attends the funeral ceremonies, with some exceptions. For the past 20 years, I participated on site in no more than three or four ceremonies, contenting myself for the rest to watch the ceremony on television. 
Because Rene Angelil indirectly was part of one of my former lives, I wanted to attend the presentation on site as I had done in 2013 for Paul Desmarais Sr. or in 2009 for Gilles Carle. 
To be effective, a funeral ceremony should reflect the personality of the deceased. We should be able to feel his soul over in the Church. 
I remember Gilles Carle where Chloe Sainte Marie sang but also when the sculptor Armand Vaillancourt took the microphone to criticize the society. Real anger in the temple… 
 The most sumptuous ceremony was undoubtedly the one of Paul Desmarais. The Orchestre Métropolitain in full force and hundreds of dignitaries. The René Angélil ceremony was of great class and if sobriety was present, one could feel the love that Celine had for her husband. There are no large or small ceremony as long as one can reach the soul of the deceased. 
 But, as my namesake Bernard Arnault said to his wife the pianist Hélène Mercier crying the tragic death of her sister: “We must take care of the living or we will live as dead before our time …” 
Long live life!
Photos 1 and 7: Notre Dame Montreal;
Photos 2 and 3: Celine Dion;
Photo 4: Paul Desmarais Sr;
Photos 5 and 6: Ceremony Gilles Carle;
Photo 8: Flowers;
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