By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1)- 
Although I do not believe in God, I am a deep admirer of church buildings and I love visiting them. 
A media officer friend (Marie Marais) recently invited me to the press conference marking the 150th anniversary of the Church of GESÙ in Montreal, which conference also announced the official opening of the new show area on the ground floor. 
The history of this chapel-church, inaugurated by the Jesuit community on July 10, 1865, is captivating and it is one of the oldest religious buildings in Montreal. The church-chapel has long been affiliated with the Collège Ste Marie formerly located south of the church and destroyed in 1972. The College and the Gesù were both under the direction of the Jesuits. 
If from the outside, the church GESÙ is probably the most discreet of all the churches in Montreal (there is not even a bell tower…), however the interior is worthy of the greatest museums with beautiful and historic frescoes from 1865, and two organs in perfect condition, the smallest is the first one installed from the start. 
Several activities are planned for the 150th anniversary and one can read it by visiting the website of the institution. 
Note that to greet the guests at the press conference, the organizers wanted to give a nod to the Jesuit community and it is with the “sacramental wine” that they closed the presentation… “…Gratias ago tibi Domine…” 
Pictures 1, 2,3,4, and 6: CHURCH THE GESÙ; Picture 5: Marie Marais;


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