By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) – 
Guy Turcotte tragedy is now a story closed. 
This is a sad tragedy for all, including Turcotte! 
Indeed, it is always very sad to lose an exceptional talent like the one of a medical specialist but Turcotte had a serious fault, he was not resilient to cope with everyday life. 
A normal human would have forgotten the existence of his wife who no longer loved him and wanted to be with another man. Turcotte should have moved on. He should also start a new life with another partner, but rare, very rare, are the normal people in our modern society… 
CONCLUSION: We must make the most of life in every passing moment and, above all, never attach to the past! Human life is the now moment, nothing more, nothing less. 
Above all, we must never break down our life for another person. 
In a way, I consider myself lucky because I have lived the same situation as broken couple like Turcotte and Isabelle Gaston, with several nuances and many great differences, and I was able to turn the page, let the children live and forget the existence of the former spouse. 
One must believe that I am, a little bit, normal… 
Photo 1: Guy Turcotte;
Photo 2: Isabelle Gaston;
Photo 3: The two victims Anne-Sophie and Olivier;


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