by Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) – 
The universal question among the people of the earth: “Does God exist and if so, why do not he constantly offers us happiness? Why wars and terrorism? 
This question is particularly relevant now because of the terrorism which is currently raging on the planet earth. 
I thought a lot about this subject and I concluded that the various gods “revered” by humans simply do not exist! The “human gods” are “political” creations in the sense that the various religions, whatever they are, are based on human ideologies rather than on a divine reality. I think the true God is a form of energy as insensitive to the feelings as is a computer… 
Human life is nothing else than energy. 
In reaching my conclusion, I have repeatedly looked in the sky and observed the stars and planets in trying to define, in my mind, the place that I occupy in the infinite universe. Each time, I had to stop my observation because dizziness came over me. The conclusion is inescapable: the religious gods cannot exist! 
That does not mean I do not admire a religious and human character like Pope Francis or some other great human character, but I do not believe in a god who is all-powerful and from who one can expect a new life after our physical death. 
It is also another of my findings: “There is no life after death!” Death is like a switch that closes the lights. Except that the switch of human life has only one use… and therefore one must take in every passing moment and enjoy it! 
It is also useless to pray God for happiness or peace, because this responsibility, minor in the infinite universe, belongs to each one of us. Each of us, in our souls and in our actions, are our god, or our devil. 
Happy Holidays 2015!
Photo 1: God in Michelangelo;
Photo 2: Universe;
Photo 3: Pope Francis;
Photos 4-6: Cathedral of Mary Queen of the World in Montreal;


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