December 31, 2015

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) –
My great passion is reading! I probably read a hundred books in 2015, but sometimes not all are excellent… I also read sometimes works published several years ago.
From this year reading, I retain three books that I would call my “FAVORITES 2015”.
1. The best book, in my opinion, the work of William Boyd “SWEET CARESS or in French”LES VIES MULTIPLES D’AMORY CLAY.” A fictional story about a great photographer who lived from 1908 to 1983. A magnificent book which will appeal to all from photographers to simple romantic people who love stories about life and in this case of a career woman, independent and free.
2. My second best book is the work of Catherine Lafrance “JUSQU’À LA CHUTE”. A story about life, resilience and fate in which book the three main fiction characters join the real news of 2015. A cyclist who witnesses of fatal bicycle accident; a homeless person of Indian origin;. and a mother whose son died tragically on the day of his 20 years. According to me, Catherine Lafrance is an author of great talent and his only fault is not be a star. But his talent is equal to the greatest writers in Quebec.
3. My third favorite is a book published in 1987 but which is still completely in today interest: THE ART OF THE DEAL by Donald Trump. We must not believe that Trump invented himself for the actual race for the American presidency. All his life strategy is described in the book he had published in 1987. We could change the title of the book and call it: THE ART OF WINNING. Those are my three best literary choice for 2015.
Happy New Year 2016 … and read on!
Photo 1: William Boyd AMORY CLAY;
Photo 2: Catherine Lafrance JUSQU’À LA CHUTE;
Photo 3: Donald Trump THE ART OF THE DEAL;


December 18, 2015

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1)- 
Our society and its structures are fragile everywhere in the world and our hero of the day become too frequently the pariahs of tomorrow… 
The political debate of the hour is, for many, the many provocative statements made by Donald Trump. 
If Donald is elected next President of the United States, he will likely become a hero, but for now, he is considered a pariah that many love to hate. We love Donald or hate him. There is no gray area with the character. 
Personally I like him! 
I’ve never met in person but I’ve read all his books. Marketing that he applies to its current political campaign were already in the book: THE ART OF THE DEAL (1987). In his latest title: CRIPPLED AMERICA (2015) Chapter 13 is of particular interest (see page 127). His ideas are not different in 2015 than they were 30 years ago passed. The character is consistent and it is not an invention of the moment. 
In fact, Donald Trump’s speeches have always remember me those of Pierre Péladeau father for whom I had great admiration and I had much pleasure to know and be with. This kind of characters speak as they think. You could say they do not have filters like “politically correct” and also that they are provocative and drooling (bullies), but I prefer to say that they are “real”. 
These kind of characters are of course “dominant” and in life there are dominant and the dominated. All those who perform things in society are dominant from Pierre Péladeau to Donald Trump including all other from Steve Jobs to Mark Zuckerberg. I think of Donald Trump as a refreshing new style politicians and the masses seems to be in favor of this kind of character. We recognize in a Donald Trump the opposite of a career politician. 
Does this kind of new politician will make a better world? It remains to be seen, but there is no doubt that we must change the direction of the world! Many of our leaders became too often in recent decades pariahs. I would say that we are due for some outcasts who will become heroes! To be continued…
Pictures 1 and 2: Donald J. Trump;
Picture 3: Pierre Péladeau, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg;


December 9, 2015

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1)- 
Although I do not believe in God, I am a deep admirer of church buildings and I love visiting them. 
A media officer friend (Marie Marais) recently invited me to the press conference marking the 150th anniversary of the Church of GESÙ in Montreal, which conference also announced the official opening of the new show area on the ground floor. 
The history of this chapel-church, inaugurated by the Jesuit community on July 10, 1865, is captivating and it is one of the oldest religious buildings in Montreal. The church-chapel has long been affiliated with the Collège Ste Marie formerly located south of the church and destroyed in 1972. The College and the Gesù were both under the direction of the Jesuits. 
If from the outside, the church GESÙ is probably the most discreet of all the churches in Montreal (there is not even a bell tower…), however the interior is worthy of the greatest museums with beautiful and historic frescoes from 1865, and two organs in perfect condition, the smallest is the first one installed from the start. 
Several activities are planned for the 150th anniversary and one can read it by visiting the website of the institution. 
Note that to greet the guests at the press conference, the organizers wanted to give a nod to the Jesuit community and it is with the “sacramental wine” that they closed the presentation… “…Gratias ago tibi Domine…” 
Pictures 1, 2,3,4, and 6: CHURCH THE GESÙ; Picture 5: Marie Marais;


December 7, 2015

By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) – 
Guy Turcotte tragedy is now a story closed. 
This is a sad tragedy for all, including Turcotte! 
Indeed, it is always very sad to lose an exceptional talent like the one of a medical specialist but Turcotte had a serious fault, he was not resilient to cope with everyday life. 
A normal human would have forgotten the existence of his wife who no longer loved him and wanted to be with another man. Turcotte should have moved on. He should also start a new life with another partner, but rare, very rare, are the normal people in our modern society… 
CONCLUSION: We must make the most of life in every passing moment and, above all, never attach to the past! Human life is the now moment, nothing more, nothing less. 
Above all, we must never break down our life for another person. 
In a way, I consider myself lucky because I have lived the same situation as broken couple like Turcotte and Isabelle Gaston, with several nuances and many great differences, and I was able to turn the page, let the children live and forget the existence of the former spouse. 
One must believe that I am, a little bit, normal… 
Photo 1: Guy Turcotte;
Photo 2: Isabelle Gaston;
Photo 3: The two victims Anne-Sophie and Olivier;


December 3, 2015

by Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) – 
The universal question among the people of the earth: “Does God exist and if so, why do not he constantly offers us happiness? Why wars and terrorism? 
This question is particularly relevant now because of the terrorism which is currently raging on the planet earth. 
I thought a lot about this subject and I concluded that the various gods “revered” by humans simply do not exist! The “human gods” are “political” creations in the sense that the various religions, whatever they are, are based on human ideologies rather than on a divine reality. I think the true God is a form of energy as insensitive to the feelings as is a computer… 
Human life is nothing else than energy. 
In reaching my conclusion, I have repeatedly looked in the sky and observed the stars and planets in trying to define, in my mind, the place that I occupy in the infinite universe. Each time, I had to stop my observation because dizziness came over me. The conclusion is inescapable: the religious gods cannot exist! 
That does not mean I do not admire a religious and human character like Pope Francis or some other great human character, but I do not believe in a god who is all-powerful and from who one can expect a new life after our physical death. 
It is also another of my findings: “There is no life after death!” Death is like a switch that closes the lights. Except that the switch of human life has only one use… and therefore one must take in every passing moment and enjoy it! 
It is also useless to pray God for happiness or peace, because this responsibility, minor in the infinite universe, belongs to each one of us. Each of us, in our souls and in our actions, are our god, or our devil. 
Happy Holidays 2015!
Photo 1: God in Michelangelo;
Photo 2: Universe;
Photo 3: Pope Francis;
Photos 4-6: Cathedral of Mary Queen of the World in Montreal;