By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) – 
The launch of the 2015 election was missed by all counts, except perhaps Justin Trudeau who took advantage of the awkwardness of his opponents… 
The favorite to win, Thomas Mulcair, is reminiscent of Pauline Marois as he launched his campaign very nervously reading a text on screen and then refusing to answer questions from journalists. Although, in theory, he is the one that has the best chance to defeat Stephen Harper, it is also possible that he does what it is called in golf for identifying poor performance by a champion:”choked”! 
As for Stephen Harper, his first rally in Montreal was marked by protests and police arrests. Moreover, the obligation to book in advance for the fans their participation in Conservative rallies will most certainly be much criticized by the voters… 
Justin Trudeau is ultimately the only one who has not made a mistake on day one, but precisely because it has not really launched his campaign in Quebec. Better to do nothing than to screw up… 
As for Gilles Duceppe, he do not seems to have the wind in the sails and, increasingly, it is clear that he will not be a significant element in the campaign in Quebec against the other three leaders in contention. 
Conclusion: The election campaign is officially launched and, as in sport, all results are possible, especially surprises! 
Good campaign to all candidates and good election to all voters! 
Photo 1: Justin Trudeau, Stephen Harper, Thomas Mulcair and Gilles Duceppe;
SEE STORY CBC (french);


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