By Bernard Bujold – 
By chance we sometimes find unexpected discoveries in surprise locations! This is my case with the musical group STATIC GOLD. 
I wanted to enjoy the urban sun of Montreal a late Saturday afternoon in July (July 11) and I stopped in the Old Port where, on a side stage of a festival (Festival International de Percussions 2015) was performing a white band with a black singer. If I was still in the artistic business and if the music industry was not as unpredictable as it is to conquer, I would have courted them professionally because they are so much talented! 
I was seduced by the charisma of the singer (Zaynab “Zaya” Solange) and by the other musicians of the group. I made my artistic discovery of summer 2015 and it made my Saturday… 
Photo 1: Bernard Bujold downtown Montreal; Photos 2, 3, and 5: Static and Zaynab Gold “Zaya” Solange; Photo 4: Zyanab “Zaya” Solange and Beth McKenna;
View photo album;


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