By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) – 
The story of Brian Williams (NBC) is much like that of Joel Legendre and François Bugingo. 
In the case of Williams, American soldiers had contacted NBC in 2003 to say that Williams did not tell the whole truth in his reports on the war. NBC did not respond… 
In 2015, thinking to promote their star Williams, NBC released a video recounting the exploits of their star anchorman. That was the end of Brian Williams when the same soldiers who had complained in 2003 commented virally on social media unveiling the lies of network television presenter. 
When social media did not exist, the mainstream media, governments and other institutions were fortresses and their respective stars were untouchables! But with social media, it is the public that has become the master and judge for the truth. 
Photo 1: Social Media;
Photo 2: Brian Williams, Joel Legendre and François Bugingo;

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