By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) – 
The return of Gilles Duceppe in politics was coordinated by Bernard Landry who negotiated the return while Pierre Karl Péladeau accepted the proposed strategy including meeting Gilles Duceppe in person to accept and confirm the details. 
Gilles Duceppe will be the new co-War General in the campaign for Quebec sovereignty siding with Pierre Karl Péladeau. Duceppe will be in Ottawa and PKP in the National Assembly, so of course if each of the two win the election with their respective party. Observers say of them that they are the hopes of last resort in the Quebec revolution against Ottawa. 
The new Gilles Duceppe at press conference has not really changed from the old, except that he may look a little rejuvenated visually… Duceppe gives the look of a man about 60 years old while he will be 68 years on next July 22. Stephen Harper is 55 years old; Thomas Mulcair will be 61 years on October 24; and Justin Trudeau is 43 years old. 
But if the look and speech of Duceppe did not change, the political map may be greatly transformed for Thomas Mulcair and Justin Trudeau, and of course for Stephen Harper who is favored. A three-horse race has now become a race of four! And worse for Thomas Mulcair, losing even just a dozen ridings in Quebec to the Bloc could mean forgetting a minority government to be a mere Opposition, or worse the Second Opposition behind Justin Trudeau. 
And of course this scenario assumes that Gilles Duceppe will not get good results in the field. To resume the sport comparison by Duceppe during his press conference: “… An election campaign is like a football game! Everything is possible…” 
Fall is going to be an exciting season to watch on the politics side! 
To be continued… 
Photos 1: Gilles Duceppe, Pierre Karl Péladeau and Bernard Landry;
Photo 2: Gilles Duceppe, Stephen Harper, Justin Trudeau and Thomas Mulcair;
Photo 3: Gilles Duceppe and Mario Beaulieu;
Photo 4: Gilles Duceppe and his wife;


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