By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) –
Over 20% of the pictures selected as the best and the three finalists by the jury for the World Press Photo exposition 2015 were rejected because of corrections done with Photoshop… Some of those modifications were very light and simple as tuning or other datas correction. The rules are clear about correction except that those rules were decided at the time of darkroom and film photography. Now with digital, a new world is born and photography without photoshop is impossible… 
Some in charge at World Press Photo said that they will have to seriously look at this situation in the future as digital photo is not film, it is data and this requires a new and clear set of rules! This situation also put in front the fact that the news medias are all using photoshop manipulation before publishing any pictures. So the truth is not the first truth… 
In my opinion, today digital cameras are so powerful that corrections of the images are impossible not to be expected and to live with. Modern cameras almost have a photoshop program inside them so photography is not not the truth anymore but data management! The society of today live on data and the media must adapt so as the public! 
To be continued!
Photo 1: Winning picture 2015;
Photo 2, 3, 4 et 5: Past year winning pictures;

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