By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) – 
RadioShack was the inspiration for Microsoft, Apple and even Future Shop and it is these companies that have caused the disappearance of their creator… 
Indeed, if RadioShack was the first to offer to the general public a home computer (the TRS-80 and Atari) Apple and Microsoft have cornered the market later to totally eliminate the competition. Large retailers such as Future Shop, Best Buy and even Staple (Staples) gave the final blow to RadioShack. 
In addition to home computers, one can even think that RadioShack, with its TANDY PC8, was also a precursor of our modern smart phones of today. 
In Canada, Radio Shack stores were sold some years and are known as The Source who continue to hold small shops but the stores are very far from what was in the heyday at RadioShack before the Future Shop, Best Buy and Apple Retail Stores! 
Photo 1: Radio Shack store in the United States;
Photo 2: Store TheSource Montreal;
Photo 3, 4 and 5: TRS-80 Computer and Tandy PC8;


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