By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) – 
The race for the leadership of the Parti Québécois is on! 
It is obvious that PKP would make an excellent prime minister, but as I said on Radio-Canada, he may not have chosen the right party to implement his talent and his economic ideas. 
The Parti Québécois is a party of ideas, say “romantic” more than a party of “pragmatic” actions … ” 
PKP is a lawyer and he did his Bar in Quebec. He is a businessman by inheritance and so he is not like his father an entrepreneur but rather an empire manager and a very pragmatic one for whom the profit line essentially account. 
As I am not a political activist neither PQ or any party, I will not be an actor but a spectator in the stands with regard to PKP race. Personally, I am apolitical in the sense that I do not support any particular party neither PQ nor Liberal nor CAQ. I support of individuals. I like a Justin Trudeau, a Ruth Ellen Brosseau, a Nicolas Sarkozy, or once a Brian Mulroney, a René Lévesque, etc… 
I’ve never been a friend of Pierre Karl but I have known him in the past when I was an assistant to his father who was, too, apolitical from political party and he supported men according to their individual value. He did not like Pierre Elliott Trudeau but he was a close friend of Brian Mulroney as well with Robert Bourassa and René Lévesque of course but always at the individual level and never at the party level. He also supported Pierre Bourque for mayor of Montreal. 
In the case of Pierre Karl Peladeau, his story is just beginning and is to follow. PKP took over Quebecor in 1997 the then world leader in printing. He added Vidéotron empire to his wallet but since it was too heavy financially, he began selling printing plants to only keep at the end Videotron. In 2014 we all know that Quebecor Printing is broke and Videotron has become a jewel because of the internet. PKP had pledged the house and, lucky he won but he could have lost everything. I think he will do the same thing politically. He pledged the house! Hope for him that he won again but everyone know that if you win the jackpot once at the casino, the only way to come out ahead is to stop playing and leave the casino running with the jackpot. QUEBECOR was his big prize in the past. Will he win another jackpot in the history of his life? To be continued! 
Photo 1: CBC news bulletin with Pascale Nadeau;
Photo 2: Pierre Karl Peladeau at the launch of his campaign;
Photo 3: Bernard Bujold in the studio of Radio-Canada;


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