By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com) – 
The fate of Michaëlle Jean definitely seems to be favored by the gods… 
The former Governor General of Canada, Michaëlle Jean, was chosen from among the five candidates vying to lead the global Francophonie. The former Prime Minister of Canada Paul Martin will certainly be happy with this decision to his favorite… 
If the former Prime Minister Paul Martin had not watched TV a 2005 night in his Ottawa office, eating his meal sitting on his couch and he had not fixed the television reception on RDI, it would not have noticed the host Michaëlle Jean and the fate of the former journalist would have been very different. A chance also that the personal secretary to the Prime Minister liked the style of Michaëlle because as urban legend go, Martin asked her what she thought of his idea to appoint Michaëlle Jean the vacant post of Governor General. The secretary would have said yes that it was an interesting idea… Paul Martin then would have said! “Ok! Call her immediately and I will talk to her…” Recall that Jean Béliveau had refused the previous invitation of Paul Martin and the Canadian Prime Minister had to find someone fast… 
The path of Michaëlle Jean always made me think of another former CBC journalist, Bernard Drainville. Unfortunately for him, the gods seem less favorable and if he could have had legitimate ambitions of one day becoming Premier of Quebec, the emergence of Pierre-Karl Peladeau changed the destiny of Drainville to another direction out from the glory that knows his professional namesake Michaëlle Jean. 
Who said that fate did not matter… 
Photos 1 and 4: Michaëlle Jean;
Photos 1 and 2: Paul Martin;
Photo 3: Bernard Drainville;


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