By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) –
The event presented in Montreal this Sunday, November 16, 2014 to support safeguarding CBC gathered around 25,000 people, according to organizers and police officials. 
A very well structured walk that lasted only two hours but has bring together several personalities from both the public and the employees of the CBC. Several french journalists, tv or radio hosts including Joël Le Bigot, Jean-François Lépine, Anne-Marie Dussault, Marc Laurendeau, Simon Durivage, Claude Deschênes, Gabriel Nadeau Dubois and many others. Among the artists we noticed Marc Hervieux, Dan Bigras and Vincent Bilodeau as well as some politicians like the former head of the Parti Québécois André Boisclair .. Buses had been chartered especially from Gatineau and we noted the presence of Louise Poirier, co-chair of the movement “CBC Makeover CBC / I Care.” 
It is obvious that this is not this event that will change the directions of management at CBC and only the adoption of CBC as electoral issue by a political party leader opposing Stephen Harper could give back to the public corporation his leadership role in the country. 
But who knows, maybe the event will contribute to convince Justin or Thomas. The next federal election is scheduled for October 2015! 
To be continued
Photo 1: Bernard Bujold with protesters;
Photo 2 and 5: Protest of 16 November 2014;
Photo 3: Joel Le Bigot; Photo 4: Marc Hervieux;


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