By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1) – 
The war is launched in the race for the leadership of the Parti Québécois and Pierre-Karl Peladeau will fire any ammunition. As the English say, it will be a “No-Hold-Barred” match! You could also say that it will be like son, like father… 
Indeed PKP attacks head-on the ancient enemies of his father. A prime example is the text that he wrote directly on his Facebook about the former press tycoon Conrad Black calling him “tôlard” following an editorial by Black in the National Post on the Canadian Constitution and Philippe Couilllard. 
When I was an assistant to his father, Pierre Peladeau, the latter often shared with me his hatred and contempt for Conrad Black that he hated just as much as he hated Pierre E. Trudeau and Paul Desmarais Sr. Me, I tried to deflect the conversation because I liked and admired the three men. I also came close to working for Conrad Black who I knew by Peter G. White, partner of the magnate and former chief of staff to Brian Mulroney. 
PKP also use old friendships with his father like the one with Bernard Landry who the father Peladeau liked… 
There will be war victims and victory is far from assured for PKP if he continues to attack too broad. 
One question that arises is: “What will Brian Mulroney do? He is currently Chairman of Quebecor and he is a friend of PKP but also a close friend of his enemies ranging from Desmarais, Trudeau (son) and Conrad Black.
As I have already said several times in the past: “The worst enemy in a war is yourself. And the worst enemy of PKP is PKP himself! ” 
To be continued! 
Photos 1 and 3: Pierre-Karl Peladeau;
Photo 2: Conrad Black;
Photo 4: Brian Mulroney;


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