THE BERLIN WALL / Die Berliner Mauer

Bernard Bujold ( – 
It was in the evening of 9 November 1989, 25 years ago, the beginning of the end for the Berlin Wall (Die Berliner Mauer). 
A piece of the famous wall was offered to Montreal and it is exposed at the World Trade Center. 
The wall was erected on August 12, 1961 for a distance of over 170 km and was protected by 231 posts and 132 fortified bunkers. At first the wall was composed only of barbed son but it was reinforced by cement blocks in the late 60s in two stages and in 1976 a fourth step of solidification was built with reinforced concrete. Several artists have benefited from these walls to graffiti and write texts of protest. 
The piece exhibited in Montreal comes from walls erected during construction in 1976. 
Photo 1: Bernard Bujold in front of the Montreal’s piece of the Berlin Wall;
Photos 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6: Piece of the Berlin Wall exposed in Montreal;


One Response to THE BERLIN WALL / Die Berliner Mauer

  1. Hi,
    I´m the guy who painted that piece of wall, back in 1989. The wall was given away from the company called Lele. We also did the Berlin wall for Ronald Reagan and many more segments. Would be nice if our names would be put to the wall. In July we will got to Singapore to paint again a wall to remember the fall of the wall! Can you give me a contact of a person who is in response for this piece of wall!? Regards from Berlin
    Niklas Beckert/Bas2

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