By Bernard Bujold (LeStudio1.com)-
I do not know the former cardiologist Guy Turcotte nor his wife Isabelle Gaston. However, I deeply despise the former doctor for four reasons, which are universal, since I personally do not know the couple. 

Reason 1: THE CHILDREN- 
When a man gives life to a child it is a gift. Some would say that parents are responsible for children throughout their lives, but me my philosophy is that from the moment when life is given to someone, this is his life completely. For a father, the primary role is to give the life. All the better if he can continue after, then this will be a supplement and a second gift. By killing her two children, Turcotte not only took back the gift of life he gave but he stole what was no longer his. 

Reason 2 : ATTACK THE WEAK – 
I agree with the argument that Guy Turcotte was deceived by his wife Isabelle Gaston and that he had reason to hate her for her relation with the gym teacher. But by killing the couple’s two children, he has attacked the wrong target. The children had nothing to do with the hassle of the couple and they could not defend themselves. If Guy Turcotte wanted revenge, he had to take it on Isabelle Gaston. It was a conflict to be settled between him and her. At worst, the punch to his wife lover was an acceptable fight, man to man. 
On this point I know something because I’m divorced. I never hated my children because my wife and I stopped loving each other. I solved the problem directly with my ex-wife… 
By killing her two children, Guy Turcotte was a coward and he hit on the weak. 

I deeply hate someone who denies itself actions. A killer who refuses to admit his actions is like a bandit who would say that he’s a priest… 
Vito Rizzuto was a more admirable than Guy Turcotte because he assumed himself, even if he played against the rules of legal justice. It remains that Rizzuto accepted the role he had chosen and he played the game according to the rules in a league that applies the same rules to all players who accepted the risks. Even the police respect a criminal who play by the rules to try to fool detectives…  Some even see a kind of intellectual challenge in the pursuit of criminals. 
By refusing to admit his true nature of killer, Guy Turcotte refused to accept his choice and he has no rules. In a sense, one might even respect him, a little, if he admitted his true nature of murderer! Someone who assumes who he is, is always somewhat a bit admirable, even if you do not accept his actions! 

Reason 4 :WASTE-
I deeply hate the waste, whether material things or human talent. 
Guy Turcotte was a great cardiologist with a unique talent. By choosing to kill his two children, he has also chosen to destroy this great talent that fate had given him. An unacceptable waste! 

That is why I deeply despise guys like Guy Turcotte and I think they have no place in our society. 
I say that I hate Guy Turcotte but it is to identify my editorial reasoning because in the true nature to me, I just do not think about the people I do not like… I ignore them! 
Picture 1: Guy Turcotte and Isabelle Gaston ;
Picture 2: Young children at a Montreal event against Turcotte;
Picture 3: Vito Rizzuto ;
Picture 4: Guy Turcotte ;


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