Bernard Bujold ( – 
The history of the former judge Jacques Delisle invites reflection on life… 
Beyond the question of whether or not he killed his disabled wife, it remains that the end of life for him, the judge, was unpredictable and it is worrying. 
The death of his wife, either he is or is not the direct perpetrator, also killed and put an end to his old life. One gesture and one bad decision can have consequences that are totally transforming a whole life situation. 
Formerly, Delisle had a wine cellar of over 1,000 bottles; a notebook in which he noted the details of his regular visits to the best restaurants in Quebec City; travel; status; power over society, etc… 
Today, he waits for the end of his life in prison with as the only activity to clean up the building… 
Say that he is not responsible. His fate is now even more horrible. Would he believed in his youth, when he married, when he made his bar to become a popular lawyer, when he was appointed judge and later retired and many gave him tributes gifts, that in 2014 he would clean a prison building? 
CONCLUSION: As Lucien Bouchard said in his latest film, “In life, you never know the last page of our history …” So be careful until to the end in our choices and decisions as nothing is granted and everything can change! One might call this the “unpredictability” of fate… 
A book will be released on 1 October 2014 about the life of former judge Jacques Delisle, before and after prison. 
PHOTOS 1 and 2: Jacques Delisle and his book;


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