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I just finished reading the book NOUS ÉTIONS LE SEL DE LA MER by Quebec author Roxanne Bouchard.
I first noticed this book because the chain bookstores Indigo made ​​it a “FIND OF THE SEASON” with giant posters in all its stores to promote it. But leafing through, I then noticed the name of Vital Bujold. I have a cousin by the same name who grew up in my hometown of St. Simeon de Bonaventure. I also contacted Roxanne and she said that indeed it is my cousin who was the inspiration although he is not a fisherman by trade. 
To summarize this book, lets say that the work of Roxanne is exceptional and it fits into the same category of another great author who recently wrote about Gaspesia, CLAUDINE BOURBONNAIS and MÉTIS BEACH. 
For those interested in sailing, if you’re passionate about the sea and the Gaspé Peninsula and if you like thrillers, you’ll love the book by Roxanne Bouchard. In addition, you will learn more about my personal birth place in the Bay of Chaleur… 
Photo 1: Cover of the book and author Roxanne Bouchard;
Photo 2 and 3: Bookseller Indigo;

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