Bernard Bujold ( – 
Tennis star Genie Bouchard has all the talent of a great athlete physically as well as having the personality of a star, pretty, intelligent and above all, she loves the world and the world loves him! Also for us, she is one of ours, a Canadian (a Quebec’s girl for several others…). 
But will she become a truly great world champion in tennis? If she lacks one talent it would be luck! 
She is reminiscent of Jacques Villeneuve during his career, and despite his great talent in motor racing he has always been unlucky to remain at the top. The Montreal accident will be remembered when he was the favorite in the race and he crashed against the wall of the bend called Quebec on ​​the first lap… 
The defeat of Genie in New York is somewhat comparable to the accident of Jacques Villeneuve. 
Is Genie will thwart bad luck? One can only wish her so and say: GO GENIE! GO! 
To be continued!
Photo 1: Eugenie Bouchard and Jacques Villeneuve;
Photos: 2, 3 and 4: Eugenie Bouchard;

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